Hair Services


Hair cutting

Hair design services include designing a hair style that is flattering to your individual face shape, hair texture and life style. Your personal consultation will include discussing your options, evaluating photos in hairstyling publications and information on the maintenance of your new look. Your appointment also includes cleansing, conditioning, drying and a lesson on how to style your new look.

Hair coloring

The options for hair coloring vary from one individual to another. You can choose from a slight change of your natural color to one that is very fashion forward, with panels and slices of tone on tone color or bold patterns of vibrant colors. Anti- aging coloring techniques of grey coverage is a very popular option. You can choose to stay with your natural color, or change it to the one you wish you were born with.

Highlighting/Low lighting

Highlighting or low lighting is a process of applying color on hair that is separated from the remaining hair, usually in aluminum foils. Highlights involve lighting the hair, and low lights involve darkening the hair. Some of the best results include using both highlights and lowlights against a solid base color, resulting in a true multi dimensional color.

Permanent texture services

Permanent texture services include waving or curling the hair permanently.  A solution is applied after a wrapping technique using rods, wavers or curlers. You can create volume, slight waves or lots of curl depending on the desired result.

Permanent straightening

Permanent straightening involves applying a solution, flat ironing your hair and processing for a specific time. Your hair stays in a straight pattern until it grows out.

Shampoo and hairstyling

Shampoo and styling is a service we offer for our clients that want a little help with styling their hair.  The service includes a cleansing, conditioning, drying of your hair, and the use of curling irons, flat irons, or hot rollers.

Special event hairstyling/Attendant hair styling

Special event styling is a service for special occasions or weddings. Your hair can be styled in an up do, or a more refined version of your usual style, depending on your personal taste or the theme of the event.

Bridal Hair styling

Bridal hair styling is a service for the bride on her wedding day. The appointment includes a formal styling of her hair, the securing of her veil and the attachment of any hair accessories such as crystals, pearls or sentimental family heirlooms.