Bridal Beauty Services


Bridal Beauty Consultation                                           

Your style is defined. Recommendations of possible hair and makeup styles are offered.  A casual styling of your hair is done and your personal makeup palette is defined.


Bridal Beauty Rehearsal                                                   

Your hair is styled, and a makeup application is done. We will place your veil or accessories and take photos for our files to aid in duplicating your look on the big day.


Bridal Hairstyling

Your hair is styled in a formal hair style on your wedding day. This includes the securing of your veil, and the attachment of any hair accessories such as crystals, pearls or sentimental family heirlooms.


Bridal Beauty Makeup

Photography makeup techniques such as highlighting and contouring of facial features, and neutralizing of imperfections, make for picture perfect makeup on your wedding day.


Bridal Hair & Makeup Combination

A formal styling of your hair, the securing of your veil, the addition of hair accessories, and a picture perfect makeup application are all done in detail.


Attendant hair styling

Your attendant's hair is done in an up or down style, depending on her personal preference.


Photography makeup

Neutralizing of imperfections, as well highlighting and contouring of your facial features, are important aspects of professional makeup that we offer for your bridal party.


On Location

We can arrange to come to your wedding location, home or hotel suite to perform our Bridal Beauty services.